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Hello and welcome to Changemakers Association's website ! 


We are Solène (on the left side of the pic) and Danielle (on the right side), the co-founders of Changemakers Association.

We know what it's like to quit your corporate job to launch your own social enterprise - we've done it ourselves! And after years of building our own impactful businesses ( for Danielle, and Creators for Good for Solène), we've decided to join forces in order to empower more and more individuals - around the world - succeed at sustaining (and scaling!) their impact.

So if you have the ambition to have a social / environmental impact through entrepreneurship, and you don't want to do that alone (nor reinvent the wheel), you've come to the right place !


    We serve the members of Changemakers Association through a monthly membership suscription.


    Our members have access to : 

    Learning modules on key topics (social media, money mindset, storytelling, root cause strategy, impactful blogging, launching effectively,...),

    + live collaborative mentoring calls,

    + access to the online community for daily support.

    The business model we chose - the membership site - allows us to split the cost of learning between all members + tap into our collaborative power to share our entrepreneurial journeys & and grow together !


    Since the launch of Changemakers Association in May 2016, we are proud to count...

    ... while drinking 2786 cups of (fair trade!) coffee 😉