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You are an impact entrepreneur? Or you aspire to become one? Discover in this article 6 personality characteristics of impact entrepreneurs we had the pleasure of meeting.. in various countries!

Do you recognise yourself in the qualities below?


The ability to think differently, to find innovative solutions where others do not see any change possible is a gigantic quality to lead a social enterprise.

To be a impact entrepreneur is to innovate outside-the-box!


Being confident allows people to follow their intuition, and create solutions so many others didn’t dare to try. It is a key success factor for impact entrepreneurs.

To be an impact entrepreneur is to impulse change. Being self confident is a must in difficult situations, or when other stakeholders have doubts about the feasibility of a project.


Perseverance is a huge quality of impact entrepreneur. Never give up is a key success factor for any entrepreneur, and even more when (s)he want (thus can!) to change the world.

To be an impact entrepreneur is to try harder then others


The ability to convince other to join the movement is key to be inspiring and thus have a broad impact.

To be an impact entrepreneur is to lead the implementation of innovative solution, and engage with a large community to change society in a sustainable way.

Team spirit/solidarity

Collaborate with every stakeholders is a must-have quality to lead successfully a social project, and having a team spirit is thus essential!

To be an impact entrepreneur is to collaborate and integrate different ideas in order to create solutions suiting the needs of a maximum of stakeholders.


The ability to adapt to the world that changes rapidly, and find solutions where others only sees problems is one of the keystone of any social enterprise.

To be an impact entrepreneur is to lead innovative solutions adapted to the world’s most pressing issues.

Do you recognise yourself in the qualities mentioned?! If you think others should be added, feel free to share in the comments below!

Now that you know you have the right qualities to be a good impact entrepreneur, let’s find out what actions you should focus on in order to bring your impact to the next level !

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