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The Creators

Solène is is the co-founder of Changemakers Association, as well as the founder of Creators for Good — a consulting agency helping value-driven individuals transition from successful-yet-unfulfilling careers into Citizen Entrepreneurship.

She is a globe-trotteur, passionate about Sustainable Development. She believes that the best way to live in a better world is to create it!

She holds a Bachelor degree in Communication, and a Masters degree in Corporate Social Responsibility. After working in the field of macro-economic research in 5 different countries (Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey), she quit her job to start her own value-driven enterprise. Since 2014, she has provided strategic consulting to Citizen Entrepreneurs from 10+ countries.

Danielle is the co-founder of Changemakers Association, and founder of, an online community that provides learning opportunities to social entrepreneurs around the world.

In everything she does, Danielle is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurial problem-solving and working collaboratively to design innovative, financially-sustainable and impactful initiatives.

Danielle holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration, and a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship studying under Skoll fellow Martin Burt. Her background includes three years managing commercial loans with an international bank, participating in the world-class business incubator, Start Up Chile, and leading many community-driven projects over the past 8 years including sitting on the Calgary+Acumen committee.