What to do BEFORE setting new goals for your impact-driven business

key step before setting new goal

Many changemakers have a love-hate relationship with setting GOALS.

  • On the one hand, Goals are what creates a sense of direction in your entrepreneurial journey, a North Start, a frame in which to operate without going into too many directions at once
  • On the other hands, it creates (yet another!) pressure on our shoulders and brings up some fears like “what if I am not good enough”, “what if this is impossible”, etc. Plus potential future disappointment, when we do not reach them.

Some people prefer to put their heads in the sand, and set no goals whatsoever.

While this might feel good in the short run, it is not the most helpful strategy in the long run 😉

Here is a simple reason why :



This article is not here to prove the importance of goal setting (the numbers above speak for themselves). It is not even here to help you set your “S.M.A.R.T” goals.

This article is all about the most overlooked step of goal setting: what to do BEFORE!

The importance of looking back


  • Maybe it’s the end of the year, and you want to get ready for a new beginning.
  • Maybe you haven’t met your goals, and you want to take a step back from the day-to-day operation in order to redefine a better trajectory & strategy.
  • Maybe you did meet your goals and it is time to set new ambitions for yourself & your impact!


Whatever your situation may be, here is what NOT to do :


“Jump into imagination mode and define your next-big-bright-goals straight away.”


It’s a common mistake because, as entrepreneurs, we are wired toward the future: we constantly juggle between the long-term vision for change, and weekly (or daily) “to do list”. We imagine, we do. We move forward.

And although that is a great quality to have, it is important to realize that only looking at the future is depriving us of key information!

Just like when walking in the forest without a GPS: you can look at the sun, the shadow of the trees, to have a sense of direction. You might have a specific goal in mind, a place to reach at a certain time. 

But unless you look back from time to time in order to estimate how far you’ve traveled and what is left to cover, how can you know whether or not you should accelerate? How can you know if you can afford to give a break? Or if you should leave your big bag that is slowing you down so that you can make it on time before sunset?! Or set camp here and continue tomorrow?

It’s exactly the same for your sustainable business journey: looking back before readjusting your strategy as you move forward will help you set more realistic goals, and adjust your strategy :

  • How many resources you used to reach the level of impact & revenues you have reached so far, will help you make an estimate of what’s needed for your next goal!
  • How much time it took to achieve this or that milestone will help you better evaluate the time frame of your next ambitions!

>> Once you have the right resources, and a realistic time frame based on data (not estimates), imagine how much more confident you’ll be, that you can indeed reach your next big goal?!

This is something we constantly do at Changemakers Association. Before setting any new big goal (every 6 months or so), we look back at our data. 

  • We check how many new people joined our free community (Changemakers Lab on facebook), and what percentage joined our email list.
  • We have a look at our email funnel performance (among those who joined our email list, what percentage expressed an interest in our services?)
  • We pay attention to what has worked best in terms of getting the word out about our initiative (speaking at conferences? blogging? organizing events?)
  • We also survey our current customer pool: what is most impactful for them, in the way we currently provide our services? What could we do even more, or less, in order to increase the impact we’re having?

> based on all that, we can then evaluate not only how much effort it will take to reach X or Y number of new customers but also what strategies we might want to focus our time and energy on + how to incrementally upgrade our solution and so, our impact !

Not only this key step helps us set better, more realistic goals, it also increases our confidence that what we envision and dream is actually doable (whether or not we have reached our past goals so far). 

And as you know, confidence is of the essence!

So, are you ready to take a step back, and review your current performance before setting new goals?!

Doing more in less time

One thing is certain: you will have the exact same amount of time next year, next months, next week – as you did last year, last month, last week.

It is no news that we all get 24 hours per day, only! Time is by essence a limited resource, and it’s up to you to invest it well.

Chances are, if you did not reach your last goals, you want to accomplish more in the same timeframe.

Chances are, if you DID reach your last goals, you want to accomplish more in the same timeframe.

It’s the very definition of progress!

Ultimately, moving forward is all about taking better actions to accomplish more in the same amount of time (or less).


The good news is: we’ve supported 100’s of Impact Entrepreneurs worldwide, and as a result have identified 5 key leverages you can use as well (no matter what country, business stage, or industry you’re in) in order to create MORE IMPACT without working more hours.

If you feel like no matter how much effort you put in, the results fall short of where you would like them to be, this is for you 😉

We’ve created a 5 day Challenge, in the form of an email series, so you can take a step back and create a new reality for your social enterprise, one where you reach your (true) impact potential… without working crazy hours!

  • Take a step back from your daily to-do-list & reconnect with your dreams and vision
  • Identify how you can accelerate your progress by better investing your time & resources
  • … in just 20min / day for the next 5 days!

This 5 day challenge will guide you to take that necessary step back so that you can then set better goals + feel more confident as you move forward to reach them, and so ultimately more fulfilled & impactful at the same time!

If you too, want to believe that personal fulfillment and global impact are NOT mutually exclusive, we’d love to support you during this FREE 5 day challenge.

Impactfully yours,

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