This article was written by Solène Pignet and originally posted on Creators for Good blog here. You are an impact entrepreneur? Or you aspire to become one? Discover in this article 6 personality characteristics of impact entrepreneurs we had the pleasure of meeting.. in various countries! Do you recognise yourself in the qualities below? Creativity…

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This article was written by Solène Pignet, illustrated by Caroline Gaujour and originally posted on Creators for Good blog here. As entrepreneurs, we have so many things on your plate: designing the life-changing product/service your clients will LOVE, building up the awareness around your impactful solution, maximizing the efficiency of your marketing & sales, managing…

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Impact Entrepreneur’s 2018 Survival Kit Giveaway!

If you are looking to rack up more points to WIN this awesome 2018 Survival Kit –curated especially for impact entrepreneurs– you are in the right spot! Or, if this is the first you’re hearing about it – head over to this giveaway page for all the info about how to enter to win all the…

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What to do BEFORE setting new goals for your impact-driven business

key step before setting new goal

Many changemakers have a love-hate relationship with setting GOALS. On the one hand, Goals are what creates a sense of direction in your entrepreneurial journey, a North Start, a frame in which to operate without going into too many directions at once On the other hands, it creates (yet another!) pressure on our shoulders and brings…

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Wanted : COMMUNITY NINJA ! (part time paid position)

We’re excited to announce that Changemakers Association is hiring (for the first time!). We’re looking for a Community Ninja ! Does making a difference in the Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem light you up? Are you eager to be part of something bigger, and use your talents to support a growing community of Changemakers ? Are you…

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5 Core Planning Principles for Leading Your Impact-Driven Business

What is the point of running a business? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers… “To maximize shareholder value”, the Fortune 500 company executives will say. “To have a successful exit (sale)”, the start-up tech founder will say. “To have freedom of my time and control over my future”, the lifestyle entrepreneur will…

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3 Best Practices to deal with Ups and Downs in your Entrepreneurial Journey

ups and downs changemakers association

We recently published an article on the importance of iteration, showcasing 3 real-life case studies of Changemakers having twisted their business model and strategy along the way (if you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here: Business Model (R)Evolution). >> We’ve since received a number of comments and messages, encouraging us to share…

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Business Model (R)Evolution – or how Changemakers keep evolving as they go

business model revolution Changemakers Association

Changemakers (aka Impact Entrepreneurs, and Social Business owners) are Business Revolutionaries: we hack traditional business models to not only make a profit but first and foremost make a difference in the world. In order to make this change happen in our societies, we often undergo personal revolutions – and our entrepreneurial journeys are full of…

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How much time does it take to be successful as an impact-driven entrepreneur?

A question probably every entrepreneur asks himself (at least at some point)… how long will it take for my business to be successful?! For obvious reasons, there is not 1 clear answer that would suits everyone (and those who say “3 years” without even knowing your situation, market, and objectives, can only be wrong!). That…

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9 Ways to Grow as a Leader for Change

This month, we have been putting the spotlight on leadership as a changemaker. It’s not a topic that’s usually on top of the to-do list (let’s face it, ‘leadership’ is usually not even on the to-do list!) but leadership skills are absolutely foundational for any changemaker or individual who wants to create long-term, meaningful impact…

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