What If You Could Translate Your Vision for a Better World Into Reality Faster & With Less Effort?

Imagine opening your mailbox to an email with updates from your partner. While you were concentrating on something else - or even sleeping if your partner is based halfway around the world - the new services page on your website is finalized, the first wave of promotion for your upcoming event is published, and action steps to reach your next big milestone are outlined and ready for your input.

Thrilled to see tangible progress towards your goals, you can’t wait to get started on your tasks for the day and keep building on this momentum. You know exactly what your main priorities are, and you are confident that step-by-step you will quickly accomplish your impact goals.

You don’t feel alone. But that’s not the only reason why you feel so great about this new partnership. You feel amazing because you are working with someone who shares the same impact goals as you. Someone who is equally invested in creating the change you envision. Someone who brings a different perspective to the table, so you can build something better together than either of you could imagine on your own.

We built a partnership like this.
We know you can wake up to mornings like these too, so we gathered all our learning in a book! This book is tailor-made to inspire, encourage and guide Impact-driven Entrepreneurs like yourself to harness the power of collaboration & grow your impact more effectively.

Approach collaboration with a plan and drive your impact forward !

What You'll Learn in "Meeting of the Minds: The Social Entrepreneur's Roadmap for Collaborations That Work"

Overview of the Many Types of Collaboration

>> So you can see what style will work best for you, aligned with your strengths, preferences, and impact goals.

Case Study of the Global Social Entrepreneur’s Lab

>> So you can see a real life example of exactly how we built an awesome partnership !

Top 10 Best Practices

>> So you can start your collaborations off on the right foot and get to bigger impact, faster.

4 Bonus Resources

>> To help you get started right away (including email template, list of useful online tools, and more!)

Step-by-step, actionable Collaboration Roadmap

>> So you can take purposeful action for finding the best partners and approaching your collaborative work together.

The 6 Most Common Collaboration Pitfalls

>> So you can watch out for, avoid and/or handle some of the biggest challenges that will show up when you collaborate.

A look towards Large-Scale Collaborations

>> So you can see what is possible when you apply these principles on a large-scale.

Why We Wrote This Book


Collaboration is an idea you care about, and value. You know it’s important, and you know it’s something you should be doing.

But (until now!) your partnerships and collaborative work was probably haphazard and left up to chance. When an opportunity came up you probably jumped into it because, well, why not? Maybe you got started too quickly, and realized later the work was going in a direction that didn't serve you. Maybe you agreed to work with someone when it wasn't quite the right fit.

The project most likely ended in frustration, ended up being completely ineffective, or was generally a waste of everyone’s time...

But when you approach collaboration WITH A PLAN it can be different:

  • You find the right partners.
  • Your entrepreneurial journey feels easier, and a lot more fun!
  • And best of all, the results - and impact - you’re able to achieve are far greater than you could have imagined!

A Book to Change How Changemakers Collaborate

Supporting aspiring and current social entrepreneurs across the world, we learned that changemakers like you value the practice of collaboration and partnerships.

You appreciate the work other impact entrepreneurs are doing; you want to cheer them on and be a sounding board to celebrate wins and troubleshoot challenges. You are happy to share ideas about what’s working or what’s not working in your own work.

But when it comes right down to it... There is a lot of talk of collaboration, and not much action. Conversations between potential collaborators are full of sky-high ideas and lofty visions. Lots of ‘we should work together’ without many next steps.

Concrete examples of partnerships that are working are few and far between. Discussions in the community pays lip service to the importance of collaboration, but back of the room talk revealed people were jaded, dissatisfied and plain tired of trying to collaborate because it never quite seemed worth it...

It's time to change all this, and start using collaboration efficiently to take your impact to the next level !

Written by impact entrepreneurs for fellow changemakers, Meeting of the Minds gathers resources, best practices, case studies, and outlines THE roadmap for you to drive your impact forward with the help of collaborations!

Still not sure?


Download the case study for a 'behind-the-scenes' look at our collaboration creating the Global Social Entrepreneur's Lab and discover :

  • How a call for advice kicked it all off from the beginning
  • How our partnership grew and evolved over time
  • The 7 key success factors that led us to where we are today (a global community of over 1500+ growing changemakers, a book, and more!)
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About The Authors

Solène is is the co-founder of Changemakers Association, as well as the founder of Creators for Good — a consulting agency helping value-driven individuals transition from successful-yet-unfulfilling careers into Citizen Entrepreneurship.

She is a globe-trotteur, passionate about Sustainable Development. She believes that the best way to live in a better world is to create it!

She holds a Bachelor degree in Communication, and a Masters degree in Corporate Social Responsibility. After working in the field of macro-economic research in 5 different countries (Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey), she quit her job to start her own value-driven enterprise. Since 2014, she has provided strategic consulting to Citizen Entrepreneurs from 10+ countries.

Danielle is the co-founder of Changemakers Association, and founder of theSedge.org, an online community that provides learning opportunities to social entrepreneurs around the world.

In everything she does, Danielle is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurial problem-solving and working collaboratively to design innovative, financially-sustainable and impactful initiatives.

Danielle holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration, and a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship studying under Skoll fellow Martin Burt. Her background includes three years managing commercial loans with an international bank, participating in the world-class business incubator, Start Up Chile, and leading many community-driven projects over the past 8 years including sitting on the Calgary+Acumen committee.