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The business model we chose, a monthly membership learning community, allows us to split the cost of learning between all members. Plus, it means we all get to tap into our collaborative power so we can share our entrepreneurial journeys and grow together!

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What our members say

"Thank you so much for this! You guys nailed it!

I've tried to do the programs of other mentors & coaches but never have gained momentum with them. And because of the place where I'm at today and meeting you guys I feel it's the right time and the right place.

I find a more in depth tone with the two of you, because the human aspect is more prevalant with you guys. It feel different because the emphasis as I see it with you ladies is not in getting results, but in getting in tune with yourself and as a natural result, get results.

So thank you again. I'm very grateful to have met you two. "

Carmen Smallegange, Social Entrepreneurs supporter & founder of  Assistant Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

"I decided to join Changemakers Association because I believe that an external point of view is absolutely crucial when you are running a business on your own. Time is so precious as an entrepreneur, and so I find it very convenient to work “on” my business once a month knowing exactly what to focus on.

I find that the modules are super well done. They are clear, with digestible step-by-step videos, and all the necessary summaries. The topics are super relevant explained in details, while respecting our own intelligence and experience.

Solène and Danielle are very reactive and always give great detailed advices. I have really learned a lot! Every new module boosts my thinking, and motivates me to move forward. "

Nathalie Suisse, Healthy Food advocate + 'Slow Fashion' Entrepreneur at  jecuisinesainfacilement.com & Mode Maille, Switzerland

"Real change doesn’t happen in isolation. The Changemakers Association is the ideal community for collaboration, idea exchange, and support for real business growth.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a story to share. The Storytelling for Change module gives you the tools and insight to create a lasting impact, and real change, with the story you have to share with the world."

Scott Stembridge, Social Entrepreneurs supporter & founder of South Sea Promotions, New Zealand

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"My favorite part is the modules, and I'm always very impatient to know what the next topic will be! The training is so clear with many tips and the recap PDF's are so precious!

Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself as entrepreneur, where I am afraid to fail or to not be good enough. But this training gives me much more confidence in my project with advice adapted to my level in my entrepreneur journey, step by step ;)"

Joanna Haenlein, Imparfaites, Turkey

"Changemakers Association is a great community for like minded social entrepreneurs with a an overall goal of growing their businesses in an authentic way.

It’s an effective and engaging way of learning important steps to starting and growing a social enterprise."

Jessica van Thiel, Pathfinder, Canada

" The Q&A session on Storytelling for Change with Jessica Mastors - the guest expert - was really fantastic, full of positive energy.

Thank you very much for devoting so much time to my question. It actually had a great positive effect.  I had not though of it this way before, so this is a great positive impact of yours on me. 

So, please keep on the good work."

Admir Huseini, Gauss School, Macedonia

" I decided to join Changemakers Association because it is a great initiative from 2 very talented women. It is the opportunity to benefit from astonishing valuable content in a very didactic way.

It is also the opportunity to feel supported on a daily basis on all areas of entrepreneurship. Mentoring session are also a great opportunity to learn and progress further. My favourite module is the "Planning your Impactful year" one, and I am very much looking forward the sales module. I love the facebook group which is highly valuable.

I recommend other Changemakers to join, because it is simply the best way to get the support needed to succeed. It is great value for money and the opportunity to network on a global basis with similar minded people. Warm thank you for this wonderful initiative 🙂 "

Myriam Bidaud, Atout Couple, France

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"Success doesn't happen in isolation"