Are you growing your own business
in order to create positive & sustainable
impact in the world?

>> We found a way to make your dream impact INEVITABLE.

If you are dedicated to take action every day, every week, every month, towards making the world a better place - then let's make that time spent as efficient as possible !

Imagine you could reach your Impact Goal
as easily as you reach your destination with a GPS ?!

There is no 'secret' or 'magic trick'
when it comes to building a truly impactful Social Business.

And there is no such thing as 'over-night success'!

However, it doesn't need to feel like you are
finding your way in the dark either

This is what a Business Planner is for. 

This tool will help you get ultra clear on your goals (destination), what actions to take (roadmap) AND will help you track your progress as you go to make sure you are not diverting away from what really matters (route recalculation).

There are plenty of Business Planners out there, but none specifically built for Changemakers.

Being an entrepreneur with a Triple Bottom Line  - People, Planet, Profit - means you need specific tools to monitor it all at once.

This is exactly why we've built this Business Planner especially for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs like YOU !

Our ambition is to help you focus your time on the actions that are most important for your impact to bloom, one day at a time.

The Ultimate Planner to Build & Grow
Your Own Impact-driven Business

 >> Printable PDF with 12 Months Worth of Planning, that you can start at any point in the year (no page waste!)

 >> Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily planning tools

 >> Monthly & Quarterly Review to make sure you’re heading in the right direction

 >> No Shipping Carbon Footprint + Eco-friendly printing guidelines

>> Lifetime access to an in-depth Training Module - with 6 videos to guide you in planning your most impactful year (yet!)

Only $29 USD !

Step 1

Just like with a GPS, the first step is to log your destination !

We'll guide you to take a step back and reflect on what you really want to create over the next 12 months. You'll get crystal clear on your goal, and the key milestones you'll have to reach over the next months in order to get there.

>> The Planner will help you:

  • Draw lessons from your past year,
  • Clarify your vision for the coming 12 months,
  • Formulate your DREAM goals in a s.m.a.r.t. way!

Step 2

Then, you’ll get clear on what road to take, step by step

We'll guide you to break down your goals into small, achievable steps. You'll get crystal clear on your quarterly goals, and the monthly milestones you'll need to head towards in order to get there.

The Planner will help you:

> Translate your vision into a
step-by-step action plan outlining :

Your top 3 goals for the next quarter,

 + Their key milestones & KPIs,

+ Your monthly activities !

Step 3

Now is time to hit the road! Day after day, week after week ...

You'll know exactly what to focus on - on a daily and on a weekly basis - in order to eventually hit your goals. The idea is not to "feel busy", but to dedicate most of your time and energy to the actions that will bring you the most effective results.

>> The Planner will help you:

  • Outline your week (both work days and off days),
  • Clarify your key actions & measure their importance / time to allocate,
  • End of the day gratitude ritual to keep your motivation up!

Step 4

And most importantly, let's readjust along the way !

This is THE key step in order to make your dream impact inevitable. We'll guide you to measure your progress as you go. Then you'll use the knowledge you gather while taking action and seeing early results to make better predictions for what to focus on next to get closer and closer to your impact goals!

The Planner will help you:

>> Measure your progress

+ Identify what you need to keep on doing (or focus more of your time on)

+ Clarify what is not working as expected & what to do instead

+ Potentially "recalculate your route" to make sure you effectively get closer (and closer!) to your DREAM impact goal

Only $29 USD !

When you buy the Changemakers GPS Planner, you get lifetime access to an in-dept training module - normally reserved ONLY for members of Changemakers Association !

This module includes 6 videos all about how to make the most of your planner, and create your most impactful year (yet!).

Here's a sneak peek of the module - the introduction!

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

-- Antoine de Saint Exupery

Imagine how it would feel to know exactly where you are going. Knowing exactly what to focus on during your day, your weeks, and your months, all without feeling overwhelmed.

Imagine you could simply focus on getting things done, instead of constantly jumping from one idea to another.

Imagine the satisfaction of actually reaching your goals! Imagine the impact it would have for your mission if you could predict the outcome of your actions, and create your dream impact with certainty, one day at a time ! 

" I feel more in control"

" The GPS Planner has shifted the way I work towards my goals by giving me a format to work with. It has helped me work back from big goals to usable action steps that I can do every day of the week.

After using the GPS Planner to map out my goals and plan my activities I feel more in control, less overwhelmed, more relaxed and enjoying the process more.

I would recommend the GPS Planner to other changemakers because when you feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do, working with this GPS planner will (a) take you step by step by reverse engineering your goals to actionable steps you can take, (b) keep you accountable, (c) take into account self-care and (d) practice gratitude. "

Carmen Smallegange - Social Entrepreneurs supporter & founder of  Assistant Entrepreneur

You Can Do This!

Only $29 USD !

 >> Get clear on your (actual) Dream Impact!

 >> Efficiently plan your Year, Quarter, Month, Week & Day !

 >> Feel on tack, reassured that your time & energy are spent in the right direction !

 >> Make sure you don't burnout in the process, with daily gratitude & self-care rituals

 >> SEE your progress and celebrate reaching your milestones & goals !

We know what it's like to quit your corporate job to launch your own social enterprise - we've done it ourselves!

We've experienced the overwhelm, the uncertainty, and the confidence ups-and-downs you might be facing today.

We found a way to remove all that from the equation - so that we can concentrate on the heart of our mission. And we want you to experience it as well !

We dream of a world where all changemakers succeed. Where social entreprise becomes the norm. Where impact & income work hand in hand.

And that won't happen with a bunch over overwhelmed, burned out changemakers ! 

Based on our experience supporting hundreds of Impact Entrepreneurs from 23+ countries, we've create the GPS planner as one of the key tool every Changemaker should have.

We're excited for you to experience what it's like to know exactly where you're going in your entrepreneurial journey, and the positive influence that will have on YOUR impact !

Impactfuly yours,

Solène & Danielle


Sol√®ne is is the co-founder of Changemakers Association, as well as the founder of Creators for Good‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääa consulting agency helping value-driven individuals transition from successful-yet-unfulfilling careers into Citizen Entrepreneurship.

She is a globe-trotteur, passionate about Sustainable Development. She believes that the best way to live in a better world is to create it!

She holds a Bachelor degree in Communication, and a Masters degree in Corporate Social Responsibility. After working in the field of macro-economic research in 5 different countries (Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey), she quit her job to start her own value-driven enterprise. Since 2014, she has provided strategic consulting to Citizen Entrepreneurs from 17+ countries.

Danielle is the co-founder of Changemakers Association, and founder of, an online community that provides learning opportunities to social entrepreneurs around the world.

In everything she does, Danielle is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurial problem-solving and working collaboratively to design innovative, financially-sustainable and impactful initiatives.

Danielle holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration, and a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship studying under Skoll fellow Martin Burt. Her background includes three years managing commercial loans with an international bank, participating in the world-class business incubator, Start Up Chile, and leading many community-driven projects over the past 8 years including sitting on the Calgary+Acumen committee.

If you've reached this far down the page,
it's time to save time !

Only $29 USD !

 >> Get clear on your (actual) Dream Impact!

 >> Efficiently plan your Year, Quarter, Month, Week & Day !

 >> Feel on tack, reassured that your time & energy are spent in the right direction !

 >> Make sure you don't burnout in the process, with daily gratitude & self-care rituals

 >> SEE your progress and celebrate reaching your milestones & goals !

PLUS, if you purchase the planner TODAY, we'll send you
12 inspiring desktop wallpapers
so you can keep your work organized AND your motivation high, all year long.

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