discover what your key
entrepreneurial FOCUS should be

What other impact entrepreneurs are discovering:

Confidence to take action

“The quiz was really easy to take. 

I loved the results: it gave me the realization that I REALLY need to focus. 

I have had this instinctive guidance that I cannot develop 2 new systems at the same time, but your answer came to confirm my intuition… 

Now I can take action confidently.”

M. M. - Impact Entrepreneur in Greece

Reassurance of being on the right path

“Thank you for this inspiring tool. Apparently I am still in Winter, but I hope Spring will come soon!

As you say in the results, it can take time for the ground to transform into a fertile soil… so this quiz really reassured me: I am on the right path, going into the right direction, and now I know exactly what actions to take (and what not to spend time on) in order to get to the next big step !"

L. B. - Impact Entrepreneur in France

New perspective
& focus

“After watching the results video I realize I'm totally in Summer! 

It's just that I can't prevent myself from planting other seeds... but I think I should focus on shining with what I have already built. 

Thanks for this perspective!”

J. K. - Impact Entrepreneur in Israel

Ok, changemaker,

Time to make your discoveries!

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We are Danielle (left) and Solène (right) and we are the founders of Changemakers Association!

Our mission is to support
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